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Environmental Commitment

We are all responsible for the care of our natural environment. Orbitas's objective is to demonstrate our environmental credentials. An old car battery can be recycled and a new battery created over and over again and at Orbitas we talk of Lead as a cradle to cradle resource instead of a cradle to grave product.

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Environmental Policy

Orbitas has established an Australia-wide dedicated agency and service networkproviding solutions for recycling Used Lead Acid Batteries (ULAB) and Used Non LeadAcid Batteries (UNLAB) in such a way that it ensures long-term environmental stability. Orbitas is committed to implementing and maintaining best environmental practice,and continuously im

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Our People

Orbitas has Agents based all across Australia servicing our Clients. Each Agent has designated territories covering an area of each State and Territory. The Orbitas Team is based in Wagga Wagga, NSW and is responsible for the business's corporate and operational activities.

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Quality Philosophy

To establish and operate a world class resource recovery enterprise by focusing on our customers needs.

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ISO Certification

ISO14001 CERTIFICATION - ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Orbitas is committed to responsible environmental management. For the purpose of effectively managing its activities, Orbitas Environmental Management System (EMS) has been implemented. The system is fully integrated into the structure of the organisation and conforms to the requirements of

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