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We are all responsible for the care of our natural environment. Orbitas's objective is to demonstrate our environmental credentials.

What most people don't know is that Lead is an infinitely recyclable resource and when used and recycled properly it adds real value to our modern way of life. An old car battery can be recycled and a new battery created over and over again and at Orbitas we talk of Lead as a cradle to cradle resource instead of a cradle to grave product - now that's really good news for the environment and the cost of producing new batteries.

Reprocessing batteries not only reduces the amount of virgin material that needs to be mined, but the energy needed to produce the recycled lead is only about 25% of the energy needed to produce lead from primary mined sources.

Waste and waste reduction is a concern for responsible companies, especially potentially environmentally unfriendly waste such as Used Lead Acid Batteries (ULAB) and Used Non Lead Acid Batteries (UNLAB)l. As the carbon tax rebate hots up, it makes sense for any company to engage in a realistic program that deals properly with waste while positioning itself as a responsible corporation in the minds of customers. Every Australian business needs to understand the marketing opportunities and risks that have emerged with managing carbon, waste and recyclables.