Environmental Policy

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Orbitas has established an Australia-wide dedicated agency and service network
providing solutions for recycling Used Lead Acid Batteries (ULAB) and Used Non Lead
Acid Batteries (UNLAB) in such a way that it ensures long-term environmental stability.

Orbitas is committed to implementing and maintaining best environmental practice,
and continuously improving our environmental performance through review,
assessment and reporting.

To achieve this commitment, Orbitas will:

  • Observe and comply with all applicable environmental legislation, regulations and
    standards to which Orbitas subscribes, and where possible, establish and adhere
    our own requirements which exceed any relevant minimum requirements.
  • Include environmental considerations into all our business decision-making,
    planning and implementation.
  • Set appropriate and measurable environmental objectives and targets, and
    develop and implement an Environmental Management System in accordance
    with the international standard ISO 14001:2004 to monitor and improve our
    environmental performance.
  • Regularly monitor and review environmental performance against set objectives
    and targets to ensure continuous improvement.
  • Apply technologies and procedures that avoid or minimise waste generation, air,
    water and other pollution and environmental risks.
  • Ensure the responsible use of natural resources throughout our business by
    promoting efficient use, reuse and recycling of resources.
  • Minimise impacts associated with our activities upon natural ecosystems.
  • Enhance environmental awareness among employees, agents and
    contractors by providing necessary training, support and resources, and lead
    them to fulfill Orbitas environmental responsibilities.
  • Communicate this policy to all employees, contractors and all other stakeholders
    as well as making it available to the general public.