Responsible Collection

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Did you know that Used Lead Acid Batteries (ULAB) are classified as a hazardous waste?

Implementing some basic requirements for the management of ULAB will help you to:

  • manage potential business risks
  • protect the well being of employees and the wider community
  • mitigate and eliminate potential environmental incidents
  • avoid potential legal issues
  • manage headline risk.

If you use an unregulated collection service for your ULAB, you may be exposing your business and your team to financial and headline risk. There are numerous legal obligations that must be met with regards to storage and transport of ULAB as they are classified as a hazardous waste.

ULAB must be aggregated properly at each collection point. At Orbitas we require that ULAB collected on pallets are packed in accordance with the Australian Battery Recycling Initiative (ABRI) Packaging Standards.

All Orbitas Agents are insured, licensed and comply with relevant legislation and hold waste transport and waste storage licences (where applicable). Once collected, ULAB is transported by an approved transport company to an authorised reprocessing facility where more than 98% of the ULAB (lead, polypropylene and sulphuric acid) is recycled - in Australia.