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Where to Recycle?

Orbitas has Agents based all across Australia servicing our Clients. Our dedicated national network of Agents guarantees that your recyclables are recovered safely and efficiently.

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Recycle for a Better World

The 3 step process of breaking down used lead acid batteries into lead, plastic and sulphuric acid.

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Australian Refined Alloys

AUSTRALIAN REFINED ALLOYS (ARA) ARA operates a used lead acid battery recycling plant in Sydney, NSW, Australia. The facility converts Used Lead Acid Batteries (ULAB) into reusable lead and polypropylene. The plant has the capacity to produce either an international standard of soft lead or alloys specifically tailored to its Clients requirements.

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Renewed Metal Technologies

The RMT plant is able to process 42,000 tonnes of used lead acid batteries each year. This produces 25,000 tonnes of soft lead and lead alloy products.

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PGS Plastics

Plastics Granulating Services is able to recycle a range of plastic wastes back into raw material. The plastic waste recycled includes end of life products and industrial waste materials.

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