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Plastics Granulating Services (PGS) is able to recycle a range of plastic wastes back into raw material. The plastic waste recycled includes end of life products and industrial waste materials.

These materials can be divided into three basic groups:

  • Industrial Waste: includes raw material, reject product or process waste
  • Post Industrial Waste: includes films used in packaging, mining pipes, rubbish bins and irrigation pipes
  • Post Consumer Waste: includes milk bottles and other kerbside collected items, automotive parts (particularly bumper bars) and polypropylene from car batteries.

We utilise a range of shredding, washing and pelletising processes that convert waste into raw material. These processes reduce the size of the product to enable mechanical cleaning and finally filtration in the melt form to "homogenise" the plastic.

The "raw material" produced is a small bead similar in size to a grain of rice.

What is produced from the raw material?

The products that can be produced from the raw material are varied, but can include:

  • Polypropylene - manufacture of new automotive batteries, flowerpots and housewares
  • Low Density Polyethylene - irrigation pipes, packaging film and builders film
  • High Density Polyethylene - agricultural pipes, "plastic" lumber (WPC) and plastic rubbish bins.

Where does PGS collect material from?

Our local, domestic and international supply partners provide various materials and our capacity to recycle is limited only by the quality and quantity of the materials made available to us.

PGS Partnerships

PGS is a privately owned Australian company based in South Australia. Working closely with key partners, we are able to identify opportunities to leverage our experience and investment to add value to the materials we recycle.