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RMT are specialists in creating value through reprocessing recovered resources - they currently operate a world-class lead reprocessing facility, strategically located in Bomen, Wagga Wagga, NSW - midway between Australia's two largest cities - Sydney and Melbourne.

This new facility, which was commissioned in March 2010 and officially opened in November 2010, is set to become a significant part of the Australian lead recovery system. The $55 million plant incorporates $15 million of equipment from the Italian company Engitec Technologies, the acknowledged world leaders in battery recycling technology. Engitec's system is recognised as the Best Available Technology in lead recycling and a best outcome process for the treatment of Used Lead Acid Batteries (ULAB).

The plant is able to process 42,000 tonnes of ULAB each year. This produces 25,000 tonnes of soft lead and lead alloy products, in addition to other value added recycled products including 7,000 tonnes of sodium sulphate (used in the manufacture of a range of products including washing powders, glass and paper) and 3,000 tonnes of polypropylene and other plastics (from battery casings and suitable for among other things new battery casings).